We're a dynamic and passionate crew based in Melbourne. We exhibit the values we hope to find in our candidates: hard working, trustworthy, respectful and most of all, fun.

about us

Based in Melbourne, Talentscope is a leading specialist recruitment agency providing a tailored approach to talent placement. We take the time to learn our client's and candidate's needs inside and out, resulting in nothing short of an excellent match.

What makes us special?

"Culture drives expectations & beliefs; expectations and beliefs drive behaviour; behaviour drives habits and habits create the future. It all starts with culture" - Mike Smith

We have a knack for recruiting specialised, technical and unique talent. Our view at Talentscope is that Recruitment and Marketing have merged. To find unique talent we take a multi-channel approach, leveraging digital marketing strategies used by tech companies and combine that with tried and tested recruitment craft. It enables us to engage & interact with talent earlier. Brand and positioning are critical in today's market. Our whole culture is built on innovation and progressive thinking. Things like system, process, and strategy are set on digital foundations from day one.

Our Values

Sometimes you need to compromise on experience but we never compromise on character. We focus on underlying character & motivation rather than the classic measures of success.

Operating with passion

Company values

  1. What we do and how we do it is number one. We are only as good as our service
  2. No muppets, no DH's, No BS. We hire clever people, with great attitudes. We work with clients & candidates who subscribe to common sense, courtesy & good values.
  3. We have grit, we look for grit. Grit = Passion, Perseverance & Discipline
  4. To be bold, progressive and innovative. We do this by challenging conventional wisdom, taking risks and displaying entrepreneurial flair.
We find the stars

Talent values

  1. We widen our view of talent and don't subscribe to stereotypes. We have the courage and awareness to view talent differently.
  2. We explore the long tail of talent.
  3. Sometimes you need to compromise on experience but we NEVER compromise on character. We focus on underlying character & motivation rather than the classic measures of success.
  4. On the fringes of talent, we ask: "What can go right?



Building & Construction

Residential, Commerce, Retail, Industrial, Government, Health, Retirement / Aged Care


General Manager / Director, Development Director, Development Manager, Project Manager, Head of Property, Leasing Manager, Facilities Manager, Property Manager

Project Management

Project Managers, PMO Managers, Project Co-coordinators, Business Analysts, Change Managers, Test Analysts / System Testers, Trainers, Technical Writers

Architecture / Design

Architects, Project Architects, Landscape Architects, Project Leaders, Design Managers, BIM Managers, Landscape Architects, Draftspersons & 3D Visualisers, Interior Designers, Interior Design Leaders


Civil, Road / Bridge, Rails, Water, Power, Telecommunications, Essential Services, Public / Private.

Business Support

Receptionists, Assistants, PAs and EAs, Office Managers, Sales Reps, BDMs, Account Managers, Sales Managers

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