Firstly let me apologise. This is my first blog post and I am a shabby writer. I have some thoughts I wanted to share on the parallels of being in business and finding a job. Go with me here, there is a connection.

I am always working on many tasks at the same time. Entrepreneurship and working in startups sounds glamorous, this couldn't be further from the truth. You must be comfortable working on new things in an environment of extreme uncertainty. To be busy and under pressure is a good thing and I believe you must embrace, encourage and absorb it. It is often difficult to manage conflicting priorities surrounded by chaos. You need to establish stability and routine to manage it.

As a recruiter of 10 years I have interviewed a great many people. During that time I was also the candidate, interviewing for jobs. Not only is it a humbling experience, it can be stressful, demoralising and frustrating. Job hunting is not too dissimilar to being in a startup. You are working on new things, in an environment of extreme uncertainty. You will have conflicting priorities and at times surrounded by chaos. The key is to establish rules and to embrace a routine. Finding a job doesn't have to be stressful, it can be fun if you have the right approach and mindset. Coupled with some techniques and of course repetition and persistence.

Above all, just like being a startup business owner you must have GRIT. I believe that grit is a great indicator of success. I believe in it so much that it is one of Talentscope’s values: “We have grit, we look for grit. Grit is passion, perseverance and discipline. And if you can embody these things you will go a long way to not only finding a job but prospering in it.