Social Media, you either love it or hate it. For the most part, it’s a nice little tool to post our #throwback pics and pretend that we’re still on holiday, sipping on our 5th cocktail for the day, but for others (particularly in recruitment), it’s become an invaluable tool for networking.

I’ve always been a strong advocate of social media and during my time in recruitment, particularly in construction, the importance of incorporating it into our jobs has becoming more and more prevalent.

Here’s 3 reasons why I think you should embrace social media to help you with your job!

1. Networking – Duh!

As a recruiter in commercial construction, networking & building relationships is probably one of the most significant aspects of my role, so why wouldn’t I want to add another tool to belt that makes that easier?! You never know who you’re going to meet (or follow) so it’s always a good idea to have another platform to keep in touch by. For example, having a professional Instagram allows clients & candidates to see you on another, more relaxed platform where you have complete control over the content. You can also engage with clients on another level and keep up to date with their business.

Fun Fact. My first ever client I signed on was brought onboard via Instagram. They needed a role filled and I happened to have the right person. I now have the best relationship with this client and can pick up the phone and know they’ll always answer. Who knew that would all come out of Instagram?

2. It Shows a Different Side of Yourself

We’re all guilty of putting on a ‘professional persona’ but secretly we’re typing crude things at the bottom of our emails in white text hoping no one will accidentally highlight it. Embracing the socials shows your clients & candidates another side of you that is relatable and less formal. Our clients & candidates are just like us – they enjoy having a laugh, taking the piss out of themselves and they like seeing that side of us too!

3. Branding

Asides from the obvious, getting yourself out there on Social Media is the best branding you can possibly do in my humble, non-marketing-background opinion. Nowadays, roles have become so reliant on building your own personal brand that often, if you don’t have an online presence, you may as well don’t exist. OBVIOUSLY that isn’t the case and people are more than successful in their roles without the aid of socials, but just think of the people you could be reaching by embracing Instagram & Linkedin and using it to your advantage! You are the best representation of your brand so USE IT! Make yourself known in your industry! Be THAT person when clients get asked who they use, they say [INSERT YOUR NAME HERE].

If we’re not connected on Linked In, you’re missing out. If we aren’t following one another on Instagram, again we’re missing out! Who knows what the future holds, so why not #FollowforFollow

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