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Sometimes you need to compromise on experience but we never compromise on character. We focus on underlying character & motivation rather than the classic measures of success.

What We Can Offer


Strategic Assignments

Compared to contingency where multiple recruiters are working on an assignment, an optimised approach guarantees a better outcome. Not only do the terms ensure this but we will have invested the right resources and time needed to seek and secure the best talent.

This is the full recruitment service that utilises a more complex, multi-threaded strategy. Because it is a multi-channel approach, thorough planning and market research is  a necessity to reach a successful outcome. Normally the recruitment cycle is a minimum of 6 weeks.

  • Position types are likely senior, hard-to-find, or of a complex nature.
  • Strategy planning includes market research, mapping and trends analysis.
  • Brand, Employer and Value propositioning.
  • Advanced assessments including technical and psychometric testing.
  • Information Rich profiling including a Talent Score.
  • A 24-week guarantee period.
  • A 12-week candidate care program.

On Hire

On Hire talent can cure bottle necks, provide a chop out in the event of an employee who is sick, on holiday or suddenly departs. Special projects, seasonal or peak periods and employee shortages are just some of the reasons businesses can benefit from an On Hire Contract Solution

We don't view On Hire as a less quality option than a permanent hire. Rather it is situational, where the candidate or client has a different set of needs. Either way, all candidates on our books are vetted just the same and go through a thorough process to ensure they are "job ready".

We have a dedicated team who specialises in On Demand talent. They are responsible for identifying, evaluating and placing flexible talent solutions.

  • We cover PI/PL, work cover, payroll and administration costs.  
  • All candidates are thoroughly evaluated.
  • We use the latest in technology to provide a streamline             process ensuring a great candidate / client experience.
  • On Demand to permanent employment transition

Benefits of using On Hire:

  • Flexibility
  • Cost effective
  • Try before you buy
  • Bolt on expertise for short term needs
  • Highly adaptable.


As your business needs change, so does your talent strategy. A modular framework that is agile and flexible can plug any gaps and fill any need within your business. We ensure that any service solution is tailored to meet your brand and value proposition. So in a sense we become part of your business for however long you need us.  

It is a cost effective and flexible option for changing business needs. You can fully leverage Talentscope's Recruitment IP and capability to quickly deploy much needed grunt to any part of your process.

We understand that there are parts of the Talent Acquisition process you do in-house. We work well with internal and external recruitment functions, and we can provide specific services tailored and integrate them to your system.

  • Job Description production.
  • Ad writing and posting.
  • Social media marketing.
  • Market mapping.
  • Headhunting.
  • Competitor analysis.
  • Phone & CV screening.
  • Long / Shortlisting.
  • Advanced assessments including technical and psychometric testing.
  • Police checks.
  • Verification of qualifications & visa requirements.
  • Off / On site interviewing with reports.
  • Reference Checking.
  • Mobilisation services such as pre-employment medicals, inductions and on boarding.
  • Employee Payroll.

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